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Privacy and security

Your data is secure! Read here how we monitor this data to guarantee your privacy so that you can safely use our systems.
Why do we store data?
You can use our website to search for and communicate with others based on a specific request. For example: you would like household help in Amsterdam. After you have completed your registration, we save some information so we can help you properly. Our systems register your request and, based on this request, look for others who meet what you are looking for based on the stored data. We must also be able to contact you again and make payments on your behalf, so we need your contact information. All of the data that we keep is necessary to properly provide the service that you want. The data is only used for your requests and for no other purposes.
What data is public?
The moment you create an ad, other visitors can find it after a targeted search. We never show your address and contact details.
What data do we store?
Your name and address details. Contact information such as email, social media and telephone number. And all communication through and with our system.
What happens to my data if I suspend my account?
Your data will simply be saved for when you want to make the account active again. Your ad will be removed from our site. The only thing others will continue to see are the conversations you have had with them.
What continues to be mine in the system when I close my account?
When an account is closed, any previous communication remains available for the other people. All other data is overwritten and cannot be read or recovered afterwards.
Who else can access my data?
For the service providers, we create a webpage that can be viewed by the website visitors. When creating the page, you determine which data is shown and what its content is. After you have deactivated or closed your account, we will no longer show this information. It is possible that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing still have copies of these pages. Visit the websites of these search engines to find out how to delete the data there. Additionally, all users of our systems can copy the public data you have presented. The companies that we use to send emails and text messages receive the email address and telephone number and the content of the message that is sent to you.
Are you safe?
We do our best to be as safe as possible. We do this by carefully considering who can see which data and when. Using proven methods to work with software and data. By being up-to-date and not missing security updates. By only working with encrypted information and having our websites automatically checked daily for security.
How to delete my data?
In order to delete your data, please use "Close account" button on Profile page. All your data will be then removed and account will be closed. Alternatively, you can contact us with a request to remove your data using Contact form or via email [email protected].
Questions or comments?
Contact us with questions or comments about the operation of the system and the use of your data.