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You can easily find the help of a cleaning lady or cleaning job on this platform. Chat with whoever you want, but even better: register and create your own ad in just a few clicks.
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Most asked questions

The range of cleaning ladies and customers is continuously refreshed .you also contribute to it. Namely, if you send a message to someone else and they don't respond, his or her ad will be paused.
Yes, it's completely free and unlimited if you are a cleaning lady! Even if you would like to pay as help... it is simply not possible! We've been happy for a long time that you sign up as a help!
You're really not stuck with anything! As a platform for domestic help, you shouldn't want to be sticky yourself, right? We do not have subscriptions or other recurring costs. As a customer you pay once for unlimited personal contact with all helpers in your area. And as a gift, we will also inform you when new helpers sign up. For example, you make agreements about payments together.
Find your cleaning lady nearby online and chat about the conditions like schedule, rate etc.

About cleaning lady

Are you struggling to keep your home clean and tidy? Do you want to free up your time and energy for more enjoyable activities? That's where a cleaning lady can help! Many people are turning to professional cleaners to help maintain their homes and simplify their lives. At cleaning-lady.info, finding the perfect cleaning lady for your needs is easy. You can browse through advertisements from cleaners in your area, or even create your own profile to be found by potential clients. With a range of services and pricing options available, you're sure to find a cleaning lady who fits your budget and cleaning preferences. So why wait? Sign up for cleaning-lady.info today and discover how easy it is to find the perfect cleaning lady for your home. Try it out and enjoy a cleaner, more relaxing home!